Why Is Emotional Competence Difficult? Challenge 5

The Five Challenges to Emotional Competence

Challenge #5: Time and Distance

At this point, most working relationships are had largely over distance.

This, combined with the dominance of email as a preferred form of communication (who made that decision, by the way?), leads to most of our work communications being virtual.

Yet our brains are wired to gather most of our information in a face to face manner. Most of the information we seek is non verbal – expressions, tonality, body position, etc.

As a result, every hour of every day, we are left guessing and filling in the blanks about most of the emotional content of most communications.

Add to that the fact that the speed at which industries, organizations, and fields of practice are changing continues to accelerate.

The day seems to grow longer yet feels more compressed.

This is not a good context for emotional competency. We are encouraged to have reptilian responses and shot-in-the-dark interpretations every time we open our Inbox or look at our phone.

Ambiguity + Stress + Anxiety = Difficulty with Emotional Competence