Emotion is the starting point for all human pursuit.

 Why invent medicines?

Why create software?

Why select a life partner?

Why build a bridge?

Why organize a closet?

We have a desire, a passion, a frustration – all emotions.  This is true for individuals, and for groups and organizations, where emotion determines how energetic, committed, aligned, and focused people are.

Emotional Intelligence

as a concept, a set of lenses, and a collection of tools

has tremendous value and impact. As a consultant and coach, it helps me make sense of what I’m observing and experiencing, almost as much as the Meyers Briggs. Clients find it useful, informally in conversation or formally as an assessment.

The Purpose of this web space

Much of EI wisdom is accessible through common sense and self-observation. We should have a large playground where our collective ability is invited and accessed. This space is meant to help fill that purpose.

As part of this, I’ve created a model that synthesizes my learning. It is offered here as “open source” – use it, play with it, offer suggestions, make it your own. The model can be found at A Fresh Model of EI.

Please share what you think and have done with it, in case others can benefit.